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VISION BOARD & NETWORKING A group to gain inspiration, share experiences and evolve your ideas.

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Dátum & Helyszín

márc. 19. 10:00 – 13:00

Budapest, Budapest, Krisztina krt. 69, 1016 Hungary


(This event will be held in English, but any nationalities are welcome!)

We are Lisa and Nati – two ambitious individuals with Hungarian roots and international exposure. With a shared passion for innovative ideas and networking with like-minded individuals, we connected and now aim to foster a space for others to do the same.

Lisa was born in the USA, in a dual nationality Hungarian-American family.  She frequently visited Hungary as a kid, but it’s only been a few months since she has decided to move here and complete her Psychology studies. Brave move. :) Nati, a native Hungarian, left Hungary when she was 18 taking her endeavors to Copenhagen where she worked and studied for 5 years.  After this, she came back to Hungary and began working on her well-being organization: Volcano Moves.

Making a Vision Board and other mindmapping tools will be the frame of the event, which you can use to crystallize, embody and evolve your ideas or questions that you arrive with. 

The event will take place in a cozy flat right behind Buda Castle. We will cater you with snacks, tea and coffee. 

The 3 hours duration will include introduction, exercises, breaks, snacks and reflection in the end. 

The main moderator of the session will be Lisa, who has experience in leading groups with movement meditation. 

Lisa also has knowledge in neuroplasticity, self-healing techniques and quantum field research. She is educated and experienced in holistic healing and is currently completing her BSc in Psychology at McDaniel College Budapest. 

On her side will be Nati, organiser and executer of numerous former Volcano Moves events, with hands-on experience in using different techniques for goal-setting, planning and executing. 

Join this group to gain inspiration, share experiences and evolve your ideas. 

Max. number of guests: 7

Attendance fee: 7.000 HUF, which includes, tools for the exercises, guidance, tea, coffee and snacks throughout the 3 hour session.


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